FREDONIA: Tough lesson for a student

Second-grader Casey Doolittle had no idea of the hornet’s nest she would be stirring up by attending a Board of Education meeting in Fredonia. All she wanted to tell the board was she did not agree with the Hillbilly being the mascot of the district.

It did not take long for the social-media engine to rev up once our story was published. Most were of the opinion that they are proud to be Hillbillies from Fredonia.

Others, unfortunately, were not as nice about it criticizing Casey and her mother for even bringing up the issue. Board member Heath Forster has heard the same concern before. “I’ve had the same thing said to me by a number of people,” he said. “I thought it was interesting that she brought it up.”

Government participation, by the public — especially an elementary school student, takes some nerve. We applaud this pupil for speaking out and voicing her opinion.

But the bigger lesson here — that she will not get in a classroom — is no matter what your age, expect public opinion on unpopular ideas to be very harsh.