Highs and Lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week:


SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY — While every day in Chautauqua County is a day for small business, we are glad to see the extra effort made on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Dunkirk has a whole day of events planned. Westfield has a number of activities as well. Get out and visit some of the local shops in our region. You won’t be disappointed.

KNITTING FOR OTHERS — The Thursday morning knit and crochet group this year made over 300 items, including hats, scarves, gloves and more. The items went to schools, libraries, day cares, nursing homes and other places. Good job to those members. The community appreciates all you do.

TOPS PROGRESS — Tops Markets has officially climbed out of bankruptcy. That’s important for our region. We need to have a strong grocery store chain. Some communities have choices while others do not. Plus, Tops employs many people. We’re glad to see the company headquarters moving forward.


HELP WANTED — Great Lakes Specialties has closed its doors. One of the main issues for the owner was the difficulty of finding people. Many businesses face that challenge. That’s why the county is putting an extra effort on helping businesses find good employees. A strong workforce is a necessary component in any successful business venture.