POLICE FACILITY: More talk, no action

Fredonia’s police station is in poor shape.

Fredonia’s police station is in poor shape.

Fredonia’s police station is in poor shape.

Do we need to keep repeating ourselves? Apparently, we do.

For more than a decade, this newspaper and village leadership have pointed out the deteriorating conditions of the station located in Village Hall. At a recent meeting, Mayor Athanasia Landis read letters of concern regarding the facility.

“It is extremely disheartening to know we can’t provide them a safe building to work in,” said one of the letter writers, as related by Landis.

But those are just words.

There has been a little action, in terms of seeking a joint police facility, but that often becomes a turf war — one that Fredonia feeds off of much more than potential partner Dunkirk.

So, what exactly does the community need to do about the poor conditions of the Fredonia police station? If they want a new facility, they can pay for it.

If they want to be part of a community solution that would promote partnerships, then village residents need to demand their elected officials work with Dunkirk, its department and maybe even the University Police for one station. That’s where the most grant money would come from as well.

Making the most sense is the latter choice of the two. But that option requires an open mind, eliminating the politics and setting aside the municipal pride.