Aiding buildings, not infrastructure

Gowanda school district voters will be deciding on a $30.5 million project Thursday. A portion of it focuses on important safety items, while other aspects address energy efficiency and a new turf field.

That’s a huge price tag the district will take advantage, courtesy of New York state — if voters approve the plan on Thursday evening.

Interestingly, however, is that school construction projects are never hindered while infrastructure repairs for municipalities bring some of the largest complaints — and least amount of funding.

Maybe it is time for New York state to quit subsidizing big-ticket education projects and putting a greater focus on municipal roads, water and sewer lines.

Many small schools have made out like bandits in approving projects such as lavish electronic message boards and larger auditoriums. And, just like Gowanda, they state there is no increased cost to the taxpayer.

Remember that when state — and local — taxes rise.