Holidays, Laughing it off is a good thing

Even with the big day over and gifts exchanged, the stress remains during the holidays. Today, there is the rush to get to stores for after-Christmas shopping and families remain together — sometimes in tight quarters.

So do not forget to laugh.

One of our subscribers and Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame inductee Clem Worosz of Dunkirk, brought us a reminder a couple of years ago of the benefits that come with laughter — today and every day. Those include:

¯ It relaxes the whole body.

¯ It boosts the immune system.

¯ It protects the heart.

¯ It lowers stress and relaxes your muscles.

¯ It adds joy to your life and strengthens relationships.

¯ It eases anxiety and fear and lowers blood pressure.

¯ It promotes better sleep and gives you more energy.

¯ It increases memory and improves alertness.

Oh, and there’s one more thing to add about laughing: it’s just plain fun.