SILVER CREEK: Dialogue turns a bit unhealthy

A pair of enthusiastic individuals approached the Silver Creek Village Board to talk about a healthy initiative known as “Complete Streets.” One was a member from the Chautauqua Health Network while another was a village resident.

Their plea was to basically make the village more walkable, especially for the senior population. Targeted areas included Knight Street and Webster Avenue.

After the presentation, however, it was not a welcoming acknowledgment. “This is the wrong forum,” said Trustee Vince Tampio. “You need to come to our workshop. We have to talk costs, budgets, grants, unions, who can do the work. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now.”

Actually, the Village Board is not the “wrong forum.” It is where local issues need to be addressed.

As for Tampio’s assessment of a lot of “stuff going on” in Silver Creek, we will also note that trustee opinions are also welcome for the public … even when there is not a lot of evidence to his claim.