City revisits important issue

Not only did Dunkirk Councilman Michael Civiletto last week admit he previously made a mistake, more importantly he has brought renewed attention to an issue that needs it.

During last week’s Common Council meeting, Civiletto revisited the issue of a methadone clinic in the city. His comments came after city resident Jeanette Delgado pleaded with council members to try to do something after two more unfortunate deaths from the opiod crisis.

“If I could rescind my support for what we said earlier about finding a new spot for that methadone clinic, I would,” Civiletto said. “I sat there at that funeral with a lot of guilt in my heart. … I’m going to do everything I can to make sure we get something here.”

We applaud his statement — and believe he will can assist in seeing this effort through. The opioid crisis is nationwide, not just on the home front. Any additional help, especially locally, can be a difference maker.