DUNKIRK: City maps plan for 2019

Mayor Wilfred Rosas once again highlighted some of the best of Dunkirk in his State of the City address. He showcased the summer events and festivals. He talked about development in and around the city.

He also made a plea for 2019: he wants more cooperation with neighboring municipalities as well as a methadone clinic near downtown. Overall, judging by the more than 100 in City Hall, there was plenty of approval to his message.

Most of it was positive, but it was not completely sugarcoated. He did mention the lack of funding the city government will not be receiving due to the closure of the NRG Energy Inc. plant on the waterfront. He also pointed out the lack of traffic in downtown due to the exodus of business from Central Avenue.

All in all, it was an uplifting hour — and an event that mirrored past State of the City addresses done by the mayor.

In many city residents’ eyes, his work has not been good enough. Some even believe it has been flawed. But looking to governments in Washington and Albany we know nothing is ever perfect.

On Friday, Rosas gave Dunkirk some reasons to smile. After 50 years of a city’s decline, that is progress.