Dunkirk, creating plan for facility

Around 80 people protested Friday with signs regarding the potential relocation of Brooks Memorial Hospital from Dunkirk to Fredonia. Another hundred vehicles honked their horns in support of the protesters.

But this process by the Brooks-TLC partnership has had wheels in motion for more than two years. It was almost a given in September 2016 the facility would be moving out of the city.

Hospital officials and board members are well aware of the importance of Brooks to the city — and it’s why they are moving ahead with a reuse committee. Named last week, the panel includes co-chairs Virginia Horvath and Lou DiPalma as well as 10 community members.

“We are committed to an open dialogue regarding the future reuse of the Brooks Memorial Hospital campus,” Horvath said. “We understand the concerns of immediate neighbors, community leaders, and citizens in general, that the reuse of this property should help improve quality of life in the neighborhood.”

Change is never easy — unless it is for personal gain. Dunkirk is going through major changes — some for the better, others for the worse.

Often when an organization decides to relocate, it moves on. The previous facility is left with little care for the community it is exiting. Just look at the NRG Energy Inc. plant. What has the company done in the last six months to better the waterfront?

At least Brooks-TLC is working and meeting for a solution. That’s better than nothing.