EDUCATION: Finance course has life benefits

Real-life lessons are the rallying cries from many in our region when it comes to preparing our students. At Fredonia Central Schools, those messages are being heard — and the teenagers are benefiting.

As documented by OBSERVER assistant editor M.J. Stafford, a class that will benefit these young adults for years is taking place. It is an elective entitled Foundations in Personal Finance.

“So far we’ve been talking about how their values determine what they want to spend their money on,” said Laura Depue, teacher of the class, during a recent session. “We’ve discussed needs versus wants and setting goals. Right now they’re talking about smart goals — so that they have a specific plan in mind to budget for that future goal they might have.”

Budgeting is not easy, all you have to do is look at our governments that run deficits. We hope more school districts will take on a program similar to this.