Message boosts stronger state

What can we expect from Executive George Borrello’s State of the County message this year during the Legislature meeting?

Last April, many were wowed by his message after he personally visited more than 100 businesses in his first three months. In that address, Borrello — a private-sector guy — made it clear: we have strong businesses here that need help in terms of a skilled work force.

Tonight, in his second address, Borrello plans to talk about something schools, municipalities and organizations need to continue to work on — collaborations. While the county and region have benefitted from shared services, we need to be consistent in our message. One of those, obviously, needs to be a belief we can achieve. “We cannot expect others to believe in us if we don’t believe in ourselves,” Borrello noted in his speech last year.

After one full year of his leadership, there is a definite sense the belief is building.