NEW BUILD: Our strange fear of traffic

Traffic congestion seems to scare residents here in northern Chautauqua County. It is probably because we are accustomed to getting to where we have to be with only minor inconveniences, such as stop signs and red lights, slowing progress.

But wherever there is growth in the United States, especially around the South, heavy traffic is a problem. Here — and in Buffalo — that is hardly ever an issue.

So if traffic is the biggest dilemma on Main Street in Fredonia and the new Brooks being located there, that truly is a good problem. But all entities — the village, school and hospital — need to look for solutions to any potential problems.

Maybe the school can utilize more the entrance from Lakeview Avenue. Maybe the hospital needs to consider another access road from somewhere other than Main Street.

These problems, we might add, are better than others this region has seen in recent decades. Those have included major corporations moving away and businesses shutting down that lead to population decline.

This is a building project. It is positive news.