POINT GRATIOT Names are nice touch at park

Who would have thought the naming of a building at Point Gratiot could be so controversial, especially when you consider the main structure would be named Brooks Locomotive Works pavilion?

By a 3-2 vote, the resolution passed last week. But in voicing opposition, both Common Council members Shaun Heenan and Andrew Woloszyn brought up interesting points. What about the others?

“We should reconsider this to include all of the pavilions down there,” Heenan said at the workshop prior to the meeting. “I understand you did this one because it’s the 150th anniversary (of Brooks Locomotive), but there could be one there for Van Miller, one for Matt Hazelton, a generic one. Maybe putting all of these together, making this a community event, not just five of us voting on one name that might not be popular with everybody.”

Councilman Michael Civiletto is correct. The Brooks name for the main site is almost a no-brainer due to the factory’s link to the history of the city. But for the next vote, maybe the public could be part of a process and offer suggestions.

Point Gratiot is already special. Naming more pavilions after important people from the city could add to its hometown flair.