Village taking ‘forward’ steps

“Moving forward” was the theme of Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis’ State of the Village address last week. It brought an optimistic tone — as well as some real examples of progress.

Most notably, the news regarding the location of a new Brooks Memorial Hospital at the former Cornell Cooperative Extension site is a huge win for a municipality that lost 250 jobs four years ago. Besides the construction of the facility, it will bring the possibility of more economic development around the area and downtown.

In all, $83 million — in grants and building funds — have been designated for investment in recent years. This is a tribute to Landis, who has changed the look and attitude of village government in three years.

“People are engaged,” Landis said in reference to the Fredonia community on Wednesday evening. “Partnerships and collaborations are strong. State and private investments are growing and there is an enthusiasm for what is possible.”

Even in village hall, there seems to be a greater will to have things accomplished by the elected officials and department heads. That’s a major difference from the last decade.

Despite these happenings, there’s plenty more that needs to be accomplished — especially in terms of municipal cooperation. That cannot be lost in the big picture.