County What leader is next in line?

Let us jump the gun just a bit regarding Chautauqua County government. Currently, we have a strong executive in George Borrello, who is more than capable of representing us in the New York state Senate District 57.

But if he is looking to leave his current post, who is ready to fill his shoes as executive? That is the huge question.

When you look at the County Legislature, there has not been anyone who has shown true leadership. Though it is an efficient group of 19, rarely do you see any of them showing passion for any type of cause. Frankly stated, we barely know most of them.

When Borrello and Vince Horrigan first ran for executive it was not a surprise. Many saw the evolution in leadership taking place.

Who’s next? That is something already being mulled by the Democrats and Republicans. And yes, no one stands out.