DUNKIRK: Board size can be reduced

In three months, the Dunkirk school board is losing a member. Adam Reisenweber, who has served five years, announced at last week’s meeting he will be leaving in June.

“It’s not personal. We’re just not going to be in the district anymore,” Reisenweber told the OBSERVER following the regular Board of Education meeting Thursday. “It was just easy for everyone that way. We bought the house recently, but we didn’t want to move the kids out until the end of the year.”

When he does leave, the district may want to consider not filling his seat. Currently, the city district has seven board members. None receive any type of compensation for their work.

But, as we have also seen in municipal elections, it is tough to find candidates for those positions. Maybe a reduction to five board members would make more sense.

Reisenweber has given the district plenty of notice. They have time to consider their options.