Is solution on the horizon?

It appears The White Inn’s future could be determined on March 29. That is the day of the tax auction in Mayville as $160,074 on the property are owed in back taxes to Chautauqua County.

That makes everything a bit confusing.

Within the last four months, the Regional Economic Development Council announced a $220,000 grant to help the State University of New York at Fredonia Faculty Student Association take control of the Main Street property in the village. That could happen next week at the auction, though university officials are remaining coy.

“No news on this front right now,” said Kevin Kearns, SUNY Fredonia vice president for advancement, engagement and economic development. “Happy to discuss further if/when things develop.”

For now, the good news is the late electric bill has been paid. That means the lights remain on — even though no one is home.