LESSONS: Speaker offers students advice

Life lessons came to Dunkirk Middle School earlier this month. David Mahan of Frontline Youth Communications is a youth development consultant who has spoken to student groups around the world for over 20 years.

His message was an important one for those teenagers. It spoke to them about life — it’s challenges and blessings. But his main message was simple: “Whatever lifestyle I choose, I have to accept the consequences. Your habits are attached to your outcomes. You can’t just choose your future; you have to choose the habits that form it.”

Middle-school students were engaged throughout the event, which is a good sign. Daily, the city schools see nearly 2,000 students per day coming through their doors. For many of these children, it is a place for meals, learning and expanding their horizons.

If life lessons are a part of the curriculum, that is a benefit as well.