No smooth ride for snowmobilers

Snowmobiles are a huge cog in the winter economy of Chautauqua County. They also are a source of frustration for some residents in Cassadaga.

Last month, a number of complaints were heard in the village about the snow motorists going through yards and on streets. “As a resident of High Street, I know of a lot of people on my street who are very dissatisfied with the snowmobile situation,” said village Trustee Amanda Kalfas. “I would just like to ask and inquire about that local law, I was able to find it on the website…I just don’t understand what the purpose of having a private trail behind the houses is.”

But businesses in the region can tell you their value, especially on weekends. Those snowmobilers are buying products while some — from out of state — even stay in area hotels and eat at restaurants.

Residents need to make snowmobilers welcome. In the same sense, those riders need to be respectful of those who live here throughout the year.