CENSUS: County still on wrong path

There is no question Western New York and Chautauqua County are more upbeat about the future than it was in 2010. But don’t tell that to the U.S. Census.

Our most recent numbers show we have plummeted even more in the last year, falling to 127,939 residents in 2018. While some are quick to point out that no real census was taken, the numbers remain fairly accurate. What’s worse is our county has lost 5.2 percent of its population since 2010. Only four counties in the state have lost more.

Speaking of the optimism in our region, even Erie County — which once was bleeding population for decades — is showing signs of growth even if it is only 0.1 percent. Unfortunately, however, there are only five more upstate counties showing growth in the last year. The remaining 12 are downstate near the economic engine of New York City.

There is, however, some good news regarding our numbers. If we have hit rock bottom, then there is nowhere else to go but up.


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