Dunkirk: Two cities renew relationship

A French connection was revived earlier this month when two city officials got together in Washington, D.C. City Mayor Wilfred Rosas met with French sister city Deputy Mayor Karima Benerap to “rekindle the relationship” that dates back to World War II.

After the city in France was devastated by an attack, our city did everything in its power to assist. In 1946, the Dunkirk community raised nearly $75,000 in cash and other supplies to assist those in France. Through the years, however, that great connection was lost.

A gathering earlier this month in the nation’s capital may change that. “Our city’s history is something that we should never forget and we have had a really close relationship with the city in France in the past,” Rosas said. “We want to reconnect with them now and I think it’s important that years ago our city befriended them with the donations and such and we should keep that alive and flowing.”


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