HELPING HAND Taking aim at boosting numbers

Many organizations, especially small-town fire departments, could use a few good volunteers. But as our society becomes less personal and more technological when it comes to relationships, numbers continue to decline.

Over the weekend, many departments held events that coincide with RecruitNY in an attempt to increase membership. The men and women who are a part of these events are some of the most dedicated to our region.

In the West town of Dunkirk, fire gear and equipment were part of the Sunday happening. “It’s convenient to have a day to come down and look at your options,” said local resident Ashton Bauer at the event. “Nowadays, people don’t commit to anything without an exact date.”

Last week, the U.S. Census reported our region lost more population. But for those who are part of the selfless efforts, there is plenty of heart.

Their service, a 24-7 commitment, deserves plenty of applause — and hopefully — a few more volunteers.


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