MAIN CONNECTOR: Central Avenue is unwelcoming

Central Connection is an excellent initiative when you consider the community benefits. Last November, a memorandum of understanding was reached between the village of Fredonia, the city of Dunkirk and the State University of New York at Fredonia.

It was a historic day of sorts. According to the article, “Central Connection provides a vision for investment in new projects along the Central Avenue corridor. Its goals include raising awareness of the unique assets of campus, village and city; enhancing area tourism and building lasting partnerships through co-branding initiatives that bring the three entities closer together.”

To that end, grant money to assist both entities has been plentiful. In all, more than $6 million has come in to benefit the city and village.

But there is one portion of Central Connection that needs work: the great connector to the three entities in Central Avenue. In Dunkirk, after the paving project, markings on the pavement are missing — especially crosswalks — that can confuse the motorist and pedestrian.

In Fredonia, the road is in much worse shape. It’s a bumpy ride with some crosswalks, but no double-line down the center.

With commencement less than three weeks away, the road condition is unlikely to be improved. But — as the main thoroughfare — it needs some attention from the village and city.


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