PROPOSALS Government keeps on growing

Things may be looking up in northern Chautauqua County with some recent projects, but the fact remains population continues to decline — as does the tax base. So, it is disappointing to see our two largest municipal governments seeking to gain a greater footprint in the community.

In Dunkirk, Common Council seems to be on the verge of approving the purchase of the Stearns Building, which is located next to City Hall. Low real-estate prices on Central Avenue may mean it’s a buyer’s market, but one of those potential purchasers need not be the city.

Fredonia is in the same boat. In a recently released budget that includes no tax hike, the village is proposing hiring another police officer and filling positions in the fire department. Those employees, we might add, collect a salary, health care and legacy costs with pensions.

These municipalities have done a solid job of bringing in milions of dollars in grant money in recent years. But they would be better served working closer together, rather than purchasing buildings or adding staff.

Both proposals also prove one more thing: government is always willing to spend your money.