ROUNDABOUT: It seems too late for ‘compromise’

It appears as though justice was not served last week in the case between Fredonia McDonald’s owner Enrico Francani’s case against the state Department of Transportation over the proposed Routes 20 and 60 roundabout.

During the hearing on Wednesday in state Supreme Court in Buffalo Judge Tracey Bannister, instead of making a decision, asked both sides to come to a conclusion without her help. “I’ve always advocated some kind of a compromise to avoid this,” she said. “Whatever I decide, someone will be hurt.”

But the lack of agreement over a span of nearly two years is why the sides went to court. It may have been a last-ditch effort by Bannister to get both to work together, but having a compromise by Friday seems like a lot to ask.

Even with McDonald’s out of the equation, the roundabout proposal is a contentious issue. We’ll be surprised if Bannister does not have to rule.