Fredonia: Costs unclear in Wheelock plan

Many Fredonia school board and community members are hailing the district’s decision to once again use the Wheelock school on Chestnut Street. At last week’s meeting, board members endorsed the idea of moving the kindergarten programs back to the facility in September.

“I’m definitely all for it,” said board member Heath Forster. “My only concern is some of the costs we don’t know yet.”

And that is the problem: accepting the idea before total costs are known.

Superintendent Jeffrey Sortisio noted when the building was no longer utilized by the district in 2010, finances were a major issue. However, he noted, the district is currently in a better financial state today.

That being said, there will be added costs. The district needs to bring on a full-time administrator for the facility, which will likely be a position at $135,000 in total compensation.

There’s no question the building is adored by the school community and it will certainly accommodate the youngest pupils. That being said, the devil is always in the details. In this case, it’s all about the money.


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