Accidents: Calming traffic, fewer incidents

Route 60 near Lakeview Avenue has provided some scary moments in the last week. Two accidents over the course of three days — in fairly good weather conditions — need to serve as a reminder for motorists to stay alert.

Discussions after these incidents will ultimately lead to the roundabout planned for the busiest intersection of the county. Many residents have sounded off on their displeasure over the plan.

But it bears repeating: roundabouts are an attempt to calm and slow traffic, something that did not happen during those accidents last week. We also remind readers of the changes on the north side of Route 60 in the town of Dunkirk before the city line.

That stretch of road was once four lanes. Numerous accidents were happening at the Williams Street intersection and there were calls for a traffic light.

State Department of Transportation officials did not go that direction. Instead, it created a three-lane highway with the middle lane for turning. Accidents at that once dangerous intersection have decreased, and traffic has been calmer on that stretch of road.

Sometimes driving slower is a safer alternative.


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