FORESTVILLE: Tragedy has look of trend

Pearl Street in the hamlet of Forestville has become an unfortunate tragedy. In the last nine months, one person has died while others have been arrested due to the making of methamphetamine.

The cause is something that you rarely expect from a place that has a population of about 650 residents. What’s even more alarming is the location.

The first incident occurred at 46 Pearl St. The most recent — and deadly — event happened one week ago today at 26 Pearl St.

That is an unfortunate coincidence. According to the most recent Sheriff’s Department news release, a quantity of methamphetamine was located at the June 20 incident and collected along with a large quantity of items related to the production and manufacture of methamphetamine. Charges are pending further investigation into the incident.

Drugs are no longer just an urban or city problem. They are everywhere, including a hamlet that is filled with residents who have big hearts.


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