GREAT LAKES Not skimping on our waters

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed has been criticized by some Democrats for his close ties to President Donald Trump. But those who care about our waters need to appreciate some of his recent efforts.

Trump, while being a champion for fewer regulations, has not been a great supporter of the environment. So when it comes to the Great Lakes — and Lake Erie, the president has not funded the natural treasure like he should.

In a visit to the Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club in Dunkirk, Reed listened to concerns of charter boat captains regarding the health of the lake. Though walleye population remains strong, there were concerns regarding the breakwall off the Dunkirk shores and possible wind turbines being put in the waters.

Reed, for his part, has brought funding back to help the Great Lakes. Trump had set aside $30 million in federal funding for the waters. Thanks in part to Reed — as well as others in Congress — that funding to preserve and protect a vital resource have been upped to $300 million.

Environmentalists — and area residents — can applaud that.