SENATE PRIMARY: Support signals a job well done

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello’s victory in Tuesday night’s primary over Curtis Crandall was expected by many here. Borrello worked hard and tirelessly while on the campaign trail.

What was quite surprising, however, was the margin. By tallying 92 % of the vote in his home county, Borrello cruised to the primary victory over Crandall. All told, Borrello received 63 % of the vote as more than 11,000 Republicans in the four-county area went to the polls.

What’s the significance moving forward? First, and most obvious, is the confidence voters have here in the job Borrello has done as county executive. Second is Borrello — by winning every county except Allegany — has accomplished name recognition.

Last week’s primary is one step. November’s election, though four months away, will be here before you know it.