DUNKIRK With two out, problem exists

There has to be more to the story. Two abrupt resignations from the Dunkirk Housing Authority — its attorney and executive director — are a statement that something must be wrong.

While the authority does not come under the umbrella of the Dunkirk’s government, it is absolutely false to say it is not a city issue. Mayor Wilfred Rosas does have a say on appointments to the Housing Authority board of directors and council can certainly speak up if they think something is going wrong with the organization.

But all too often with elected city leaders — especially in recent months — when something goes wrong or tragic, very little is spoken. Again, these council members and mayor are more animated regarding piddly loud-speaker permits and the use of a credit card to pay bills than the real quality of life issues that affect city residents, such as housing and safety.

What happened at the Housing Authority? Council — and the mayor — need to start asking some questions.