BOAT RACES City must seek refund

In April, the Dunkirk Common Council learned it was receiving about $225,000 from Market New York to help fund the Great Lakes Grand Prix event that took place last weekend. It was a significant chunk of change.

But in the aftermath of last week’s pathetic turnout — in terms of the numbers of boats participating — city leaders need to put Race World Offshore on notice. It put on an event that may have called in kayaks they were so desperate for a watercraft race.

As noted in Friday’s edition, boat-racing experts knew what happened in Dunkirk was a “non-event.” Yet the price tag for the exhibition was about $300,000.

Some council members privately say the city is wasting money on some appointed positions. That may be the case, but a lot of dough has been spent on an event that could not even deliver on what it did last year.

City leaders, including sluggish council members, need to demand a refund or look to discontinue its relationship with this organization. It may be a Dunkirk Local Development Corp. initiative, but it ultimately is a black eye on the city.