CASSADAGA Standing up for business

Though this corner has been critical of whether there needs to be a village government for Cassadaga, we have never questioned its commitment to business. In the past year, there has been new shops and expansions for others.

But the comments from one elected official were just downright out of line.

As noted by staff writer J.M. Lesinski in an article last week, a trustee — who had been absent for a number of scheduled meetings — came loaded for bear. Her target: one of these businesses.

“People are very offended by the antique shop,” she stated. “There’s copious amounts of stuff in the yard.”

Fellow Village Board members were respectful of both the business and Seibert’s concerns. She, however, continued to voice her displeasure before leaving the meeting early.

An encouraging note for Ron’s Treasures is the support shown for the business. Many came to the shop’s defense on social media and praised the owner’s efforts.

Other than Seibert, there was no other criticism. For that, Cassadaga is to be commended.