CITY MARINA: No washing away troubles

There is a wave of dissension surrounding the Holiday Harbor at Chadwick Bay marina in the city — and most of it centers around the Common Council. Once again, the topic of who is responsible for the upkeep of the facility came up at a meeting in July.

At least two councilmen — Andrew Woloszyn and Shaun Heenan — are questioning why city workers have been seen helping make repairs at the marina. Their concerns are valid. Through the agreement with the city it would appear Charles Pringle, current operator, would be the one who is responsible for repairs.

But Pringle is not alone in the bigger picture. Mayor Wilfred Rosas pointed out that since the city is the owner of the marina, it is just as accountable.

“Anyone falling or getting hurt on those docks, the first entity that would be getting sued is the city of Dunkirk,” Rosas stated. “My job as chief executive officer is to protect the city, that’s exactly what I do when I send folks over there to address these issues. If you’d like to pass a resolution saying that the city does not get involved at all with these issues we can also do that, however you’ll be putting the city in jeopardy.”

Privately, Pringle has been under fire by some for not doing enough at the marina. With the assistance of city workers, they are letting him off the hook.

Dunkirk is in a tough spot. The marina lease is in effect through 2067. It appears rough waters may continue to lie ahead.