GRAND PRIX Less excitement in city event

The OBSERVER's view

This year’s edition of the Great Lakes Grand Prix was more of a splish than a splash. Weather conditions throughout the weekend, especially heavy rains and thunderstorms, put the Saturday and Sunday happenings in question for many who were planning to attend.

“This is not an easy event to put on,” city Mayor Wilfred Rosas said Sunday. “We did it. We did it for two years in a row. It was a successful event both years and I would like to thank all the participants, all the racers, and again Race World Offshore Racing here for coming to Dunkirk.”

Some will likely dispute the claims of “successful.” Attendance seemed down dramatically from last year and the energy from the boats arriving — only three were here on Friday — was much less than the inaugural event.

Is this event something to pursue for next year? A November vote in the city may determine that answer.