HIGHS AND LOWS: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week:


ANSON MEMORIAL — We want to applaud those involved in the rededication of the Anson memorial which is now in Memorial Park. Daniel F. Anson was a professional Dunkirk firefighter who died Aug. 9, 1979. In his obituary it states he was electrocuted at the scene of a fire. He was 23 years old and was engaged. He died before his parents and his maternal grandmother. Firefighters never know what they’re getting into when they respond to a call but he went to protect others. Thursday’s ceremony was fitting. May he never be forgotten.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT — National Night Out is designed to bring a community together and let the youth get to know and trust the police and emergency officials in their neighborhood. Along with Dunkirk, National Night Out events took place in Cassadaga, North Collins and Evans. Anything we can do to build trust between the public and police is worth doing. National Night Out helps build trust.

SILVER CREEK’S NBA PLAYER — We received the following note at the OBSERVER on July 31: “In the Today In Sports column under 1973, Silver Creek’s George Carter was mentioned for his involvement in a trade to the Nets for Doctor J., Julius Irving.” The entry states: “Julius Erving, the American Basketball Association’s leading scorer, is traded by the financially strapped Virginia Squires to the New York Nets for forward George Carter and cash.”


K-MART TIME IS UP — In Dunkirk, we’ve been without a K-Mart for a while. The former store closed shop in 2002. Now the only remaining area K-Mart will close later this year. The West Ellicott Kmart is expected to be closed sometime in October. Kmart has had a lot of difficulty in recent years, not just because of Walmart, but also because of the rise in online shopping. There are those that won’t miss it. But Kmart’s closure means there’s one less place in the county to shop, one less place in the county to employ workers, and one more empty storefront. It’s a sad trend that is continuing.