LAKE TURBINES: Reed takes easy way out

Give U.S. Rep. Tom Reed credit. He is consistent in his message on wind turbines.

And when it comes to individual governments — and the structures being placed on land — New York State has made it clear that leaders of each municipality will have a say whether the structures get built. For better or worse, that is what happened in Arkwright and could soon be happening near Cassadaga and in Villenova.

When it comes to our Great Lake, however, it must not be a local municipal decision. Because the body of water is bordered by two countries — the United States and Canada — that decision needs to come from a much higher voice than a town with a population of 1,100 or a city of 12,000 residents.

“I believe local government should control how these are developed and how they are sited,” he said last week at a town meeting in Dayton.

But proposed turbines on Lake Erie are not a local or state issue. Due to the international borders, it is a federal issue.

Reed needs to be a lot bolder on this.