Resolving to dissolve


Even with the dissolution of the villages of Forestville and Cherry Creek within the past three years, Chautauqua County still has too many layers of government. On Tuesday, residents in Sinclairville could be the next domino to fall.

During the spring, a grass-roots effort was made by a taxpayer group. Ninety-five signatures — much more than the 10 percent needed — were garnered to begin the effort of eliminating the village that has a population of 558 residents.

“There are lots of reasons why communities dissolve. One is cost savings,” Dr. Kent Gardner of the Center of Governmental Research. “There are cost savings from dissolving the village. Taxes will go down some degree, how much they will go down is what we’re going to try and figure out between now and the vote. There is no question that some cost will be eliminated by dissolving the village.”

One other reason to consider, especially recently, is the lack of true interest in the current configuration. In the 2018 election, the village had two open trustee seats and no names on the ballot. Seventeen total votes were cast. Even less impressive were the winners. One write-in had nine votes and the other had three.

Ninety-five people, on the other hand, want to dissolve and signed a petition to do so. That figure is 10 times more than the last election winner.

That just about says it all.