DUNKIRK Plan talk on city clinic

A possible methadone clinic has again become an issue in the city of Dunkirk. During the Common Council meeting, a city resident brought the issue forward in asking about where the site will be located.

“If transparency is key, because we know what happened with the last debacle,” said Mary Louise McGraw, “why are the citizens of this community not part of that discussion? Has the mayor, city attorney or any council member been in touch with anyone from Hispanics United in regard to any business involving the clinic?”

Previous locations considered were the former Flickinger Building on Washington Avenue and the site at Third Street near Park Avenue. The latter location was criticized due to its proximity to Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.

As we have noted in this space before, there is no perfect spot for a clinic — residential or business. What’s unfortunate is the lack of a community meeting on the topic.

There is a problem and a need. A forum, with all stakeholders present, needs to be one consideration.