HOSPITAL: Worries grow over a future

Public accountability has been a problem with the Brooks Memorial Hospital board of directors for more than a decade now. Everything is done behind closed doors with no community involvement.

It is no wonder residents — and area leaders — are starting to wonder if the new facility will ever be built at the former Cornell Cooperative Extension site. Last week, Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis voiced her fears over the lack of action during a village board meeting.

“I don’t like games played behind the people’s backs,” she said. “I don’t like the uncertainty that’s going on now. I don’t think the people deserve it. They deserve a little more transparency. As a physician, I’m very, very troubled by this, and as the mayor of the village, I’m horrified.”

Hospital officials continue to say little, if anything, regarding updates. And while the $70 million in funds for the new build is still available from the state, how much longer is Albany willing to wait?

State leaders losing their patience could be devastating. It could spell the end of our hospital.


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