MUNICIPALITIES: Two are models in cooperation

Brocton and Portland continue to be a model for other municipalities to look to regarding shared services and consolidation. Earlier this month, during the Portland Town Board meeting, it was announced that the town had completed the takeover of Brocton’s dissolved court.

Why does that matter? Ask county District Attorney Patrick Swanson, whose staff has to travel to almost 40 jurisdictions to handle cases. That’s a lot to ask of a department.

This effort by Brocton and Portland is a step toward less government in this region, something that is desperately needed. As for the transition, Ripley town Justice Vera Hustead played a large role in making it happen.

Portland town Supervisor Dan Schrantz offered her plenty of praise. “We really appreciate the job you’ve done,” he said. “It was a big transition … taking the village of Brocton justice court on. We can’t thank you enough for helping us.”

Both Portland and Brocton have become major proponents of regionalism in recent years, through their work with the water district and an effort to hire one code enforcement officer for both entities.

Other communities in our area need to learn from their examples.


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