THRUWAY A long road to repairs


For many motorists, they do not care who is responsible for the rough road on Interstate 90 to the east of Exit 58 at Silver Creek. They just want it repaired.

But leave it to New York state to continue to blame the Seneca Nation of Indians for the lack of work. Remember, it was state Gov. Andrew Cuomo who said in August he was not going to do anything about the stretch of highway due to the impasse over casino payments from the Nation.

Now the Thruway Authority, which has been silent until this week, vows it wants to fix the problem. It needs to start by acknowledging the Seneca Nation.

“If the state is finally ready to take its obligation to public safety seriously and come to the table to address the many transportation-related issues that exist on Seneca Territory in a comprehensive way, the Nation remains ready to have that dialogue,” a statement released Monday noted from the Seneca Nation.

Memo to New York state and the Thruway Authority: reach out to the Nation now and get this done.


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