THRUWAY: Tough to believe state’s stance

Here is the reason it is impossible to believe New York state and Thruway Authority when it comes to repairing the three-mile stretch of road east of Exit 58. In August, when asked about the conditions and repairs, Gov. Andrew Cuomo had this to say:

“I don’t want to give them a reason to say New York breached the agreement by coming onto I-90 when they had no right to come onto I-90,” he said in an August Buffalo News article. “That could actually jeopardize our position with revenues.”

There was no mention by Cuomo of safety in his comments for those motorists who pay extra to the state Thruway to travel the embarrassing section of the interstate road.

On Friday, the governor’s comments to Spectrum News had a lot more urgency. “We will come fix the road tomorrow. … We are nothing but ready, willing and able to go fix the road tomorrow.”

For the record, while it is easy to blame the Seneca Nation for the lack of repairs – due to the road being on Nation land, the state Thruway Authority has done nothing to ease the burden on motorists. It still charges them a fee to drive on that hazardous road.

If the state were genuine about the issue, they could offer motorists a refund through EZ Pass — or a discounted rate. Don’t expect that, however, from the greedy Thruway Authority.


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