DUNKIRK: Speaking out toward the end

There is nothing worse than silence when you perceive that something is going wrong, especially if you are an elected leader. Earlier this month Andrew Woloszyn, Dunkirk councilman at-large, voiced his concerns over the lack of transparency on Dunkirk Local Development Corp. for city-sponsored events.

“We haven’t seen any figures or budgets either,” said Woloszyn, who serves on the DLDC board. “For four years I have asked for the financial reports from the DLDC for all of our events.”

While his concerns are valid, what took him so long to speak out? Woloszyn, who is not running for re-election, is following a long line of predecessors in multiple area governments. When they are in office, they are often quiet about numerous issues to not upset the applecart. When their term is nearing an end, they become vocal.

Better late than never, we guess.


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