ENDORSEMENT: Our selections in Pomfret

Town and village of Fredonia residents have outstanding choices when they head to the voting booths in the coming days or on Nov. 5 to decide in Pomfret. Four are vying for two Town Board seats and two superb candidates are in the race to succeed the outgoing Donald Steger for supervisor.

Incumbents Ann Eckman and John Sedota have a solid record while serving constituents. Eckman has shown a leadership ability while Sedota has consistently fought for the taxpayers. Challengers Ron Sellers and Robert Dando come from differing backgrounds but have made significant contributions to the community. Sellers has extensive background in education, management and finance while Dando has been a voice for labor while also serving on non-profit boards. This is no slam dunk as we narrowly back Eckman and Sellers for the two seats.

It is just as close a call in the race for supervisor. Daniel Pacos has extensive knowledge of budgeting and serves as assistant superintendent of administration and finance at Lake Shore Central Schools. He also has served on the Planning Board and understands the issues facing the town. David Penharlow is just as qualified. He is a business owner and has served on the Town Board and its Zoning Board of Appeals. Both candidates live in the town, not the village, which has been an issue of contention for some in recent years. No matter who wins this race, the town will have an excellent leader. We offer a slight edge to Penharlow.

Agree or disagree?

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