ENDORSEMENTS: Our Fredonia trustee selections

Six candidates are seeking three seats on the Fredonia Village Board, which has been a host to a number of contentious meetings in the last decade. While village officials say they want to hear more from residents, often it seems that those who speak are shut down quickly or not appreciated.

It can get so nasty at times that one resident in attendance threw a $20 bill at one of the trustees who did not vote on a project that individual wanted to happen. It was one of many displays.

Bringing civility is one of the goals for all of the candidates running. Incumbents Kara Christina and James Lynden are seeking re-election while others vying for a seat are Vicky Cunningham, Roger Pacos, Dale Ricker and Roland Rose.

There were three who stood out from the rest at the League of Women Voters debate on Wednesday in the Opera House. They all have earned our endorsement. They include: Christina, Cunningham and Pacos. After serving four years, Christina has an excellent grasp on village government. Our only wish is that she was more committed to sharing services and consolidation. Cunningham also had a strong presence during the one-hour event. She seems open to new ideas and promises to do her homework before voting.

Pacos, who challenged Mayor Athanasia Landis in the Democratic caucus in the spring, was a bit of a wild card. However, he also has a strong background and has been a leader within the school district, meaning he understands how to get things done in a bureaucratic environment.

We appreciate the efforts of Lynden, Ricker and Rose, but those three were too quiet on too many issues. Ricker, however, gave one of the strongest answers in terms of the future. He is right on the money when it comes to working with other communities. More of this needs to happen for a successful future.

But Fredonia — like every other municipality — really is not looking to the future. It is just hoping to maintain. Obviously, that’s not a viable vision.


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