HOSPITAL How to voice your concern

An unusual item made its way to the Dunkirk mayoral debate. It is something the candidates have no control over, but it is a major issue in the city nonetheless.

What’s happening at Brooks Memorial Hospital?

One of the questions toward the end of the mayoral portion of the debate from the audience centered on why current Councilman Shaun Heenan or incumbent Mayor Wilfred Rosas have done little to stop the hospital’s move with the state or the hospital board of directors.

For the record, hospital is a private, not-for-profit. Board members do not have to meet publicly or be accountable like government officials.

Dunkirk’s elected officials have no say on what happens to the facility. Community members can have input by reaching out to Brooks-TLC board members. As noted in the weekend edition, those include: Christopher Lanski, chair; Dr. James Wild, chair-elect; Louis DiPalma, treasurer; Dr. Dana Anderson; Dr. G. Jay Bishop; Andrew Burr; Timothy Cooper; Christina Jimerson; Mary LaRowe, chief executive officer; and Steven P. Przybyla, Esq.


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