ELECTION Let the final count begin

Barring some unusual occurrence, it could be the final day of the 2019 voting season as absentee ballots will be counted in Mayville by the county Board of Elections.

There are a number of races that hang in the balance, most notably is in the city of Dunkirk where incumbent Mayor Wilfred Rosas holds a 48-vote edge over challenger Shaun Heenan with 123 absentee votes to be counted. That race — as of this morning — is still too close to call. In Cherry Creek, Ryan Lepp, received 108 votes for town council and Matthew West received 102. There were nine absentee ballots issued that may decide this contest.

In Ripley, both Laurel Adams and Philip Chimera received 308 votes for the second Town Board seat and in Jamestown, a City Council race is seven votes apart, with 70 absentee ballots being counted.

It has been an unusually long election season. It may finally come to an end today.


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