VETERANS DAY Saluting those who proudly served

Today, our community celebrates and offers its gratitude toward our veterans. They served our country in the military, overseas and at war.

Many schools and organizations held ceremonies last week to celebrate local heroes. Today, you can as well.

Veterans will be thanked during a noon ceremony at Applebee’s on Vineyard Drive in a service led by the Dunkirk Joint Veterans Council.

When thanking all those who served, don’t forget to also say a prayer for those who gave their lives for our country and freedom.

Veterans Day prayer

Almighty God, Father of us all! We, Thy servants, turn to Thee for continuance of Thy blessings upon us, Thou who hath spared us veterans from the grasp of our enemies, grant us the full understandings of Thy precious comfort.

We thank Thee for the privileges of life and the blessings we enjoy through Thy graciousness in our country, the land in which we are given the freedom of speech, religion and the pursuit of happiness. Assist us to know Thee better and that Thou art the God of the universe and our ideal.

In Thy mercy, may we the living find our peace. Grant us from above, this day, the challenge of high endeavor, the beauty of a humble spirit, the strong courage and will, without exertion, to continue to glorify Thee; praise Thee and love Thee to the end of time.



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