COUNTY Borrello’s move leaves void

With Sen. George Borrello moving to the state level to represent our region and three other counties in Albany, we have lost some clout. Borrello was an excellent county executive who rose to the position from legislator with a strong voice.

Unfortunately, his successor — whoever it may be — will not bring as much name recognition or clout. At least one current lawmaker, P.J. Wendel, has come forward to indicate he will run for the position that is currently being overseen by Stephen Abdella. Another possible candidate is current Legislator Mark Odell from Brocton.

Both Republicans, however, are victims of what has become a rubber-stamping County Legislature. Very rarely — except for Terry Niebel, Charles Nazarro or Pierre Chagnon — do those elected in Mayville say anything. Some just are regular nodders in the crowd who do not wish to voice their opinion.

Because of this, even at election time, these legislators are vanilla. They rarely stand out. Borrello and previous Executive Vince Horrigan, however, took strong positions during their terms and made their voices heard while serving in Mayville.

Is anyone else ready to be a voice and lead in this county? It takes more than just voting “aye.”


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